Breakfastttt timeeee

Hi there! If you don’t already know,
breakfast is my favvvvourite meal of the day. Whether it be porridge, crumpets, pancakes or just plain old toast (and by plain I mean totally over-the-top), I just can’t get enough!

This morning I used a muller light (with half vanilla yogurt left in), crunchy jordans cereal, special k, raisins, walnuts, cashew butter, peanut butter +honey, strawberries, banana and mixed spice on top…

I can honestly say.. It was beauttttiful, soo yummy, my sister and I also headed out to starbucks, I got the eggnog latte with extra shot of espresso, (which if you havnt tried.. I would advise you do πŸ˜‰ ), she got a soya milk toffee nut latte with extra shot of espresso,

We FILLED the top with vanilla powder, as usual, its just tooo good :),

That’s a band-o on top btw, me and my sister are obsessed.. She brought them back from America, nobody out here really has them.. Except 4-8 year olds..

Laters! Hope

Everrrybody has a delightful (and tasty) morning πŸ™‚


About amy baily

Hi! My names Amy and I'm a teenage girl living in England. I'm obsessed with american food and fashion Blogs, breakfast is my favvv meal of the day :), Loveeeeeeee xxxx
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