goodtimes? or sadtimes?

Hey :),
I got told today that children that were born on wednesdays are not tiggleish.. which could explain why I’m not I guess… Because wednesdays child is full of woe!
This could also exlain that when I had a breakdown, depression hit me the hardest.. anyways…

I’m going to an 18th tonight! And I cant seem to get into the mood to party!

Someone pleaseee give me so motivation to danceee and have a good time!

Two questions before I dash,

Whats your day of birth? and Whats the best thing that gets you in the party mood? 🙂

cya bloggers!



About amy baily

Hi! My names Amy and I'm a teenage girl living in England. I'm obsessed with american food and fashion Blogs, breakfast is my favvv meal of the day :), Loveeeeeeee xxxx
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