coffee and snow.

Hey guys :),

I woke this morning to some beautiful snow! Doesn’t it just look amazing? Covers all the bad stuff like your’ve put on some new glasses and everything becomes new, exciting and lovelly!

On a new note, Coffee.

I’m obsessed, I loveee starbucks, I spent about £10 there the other day on… 2Eggnog latte’s with an extra shot of espresso and a americana with sugarfree vanilla syrup.
yeahhh.. everybody needs their coffee fix ;).

Im also a big fan of this little coffee shop near me called belgique, ah soo nice and alot cheaper than starbucks! They have all different types of teas (my favourite being the caramel roobious tea), smoothies, milkshakes (my favourit is coconut and banana), hot chocolates, coffees, lattes, and who can forget.. theyre amazing cakes! just take a look..

yum yum yum, I could eat they’re blueberry cheesecake and fruit tarts alllllll day!

Im currently sitting in my pjs watching Notting Hill, drinking coffee and internet shopping, im a multi-tasker you see 😉


What’s your favourite coffee shop?

Whats your favourite cake to have with a hot drink?

Whats the weather like where you are?

bubbb byee 🙂



About amy baily

Hi! My names Amy and I'm a teenage girl living in England. I'm obsessed with american food and fashion Blogs, breakfast is my favvv meal of the day :), Loveeeeeeee xxxx
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