Never ever will I

Never ever will I forget to have breakfast in the morning, no matter how late and even if it is a squishy homemade mince-pie :),

Never ever will I forget to have a coffee before I begin to get dressed-warms me up as well as giving me the extra kick of energy.

Never ever will I forget to watch the news trash TV.. (the news?! who am I kidding?! one tree hill-1940s one, how is that not amazing!)

Never ever will I forget to wear 3 pairs of socks, leggings, jeans, 3 tops (including thermal layer) and a hat-thing upon my head.. even if I do look like a giant marshmallow walking down the street.. cosy-ness over fashion-ness,

Never ever will I make it out of my room without banging my little toe on the bed..

Never ever will I forget to make some lunch for work :).. quinoa, mixed beans, broccoli, carrots, butternut squash, mixed spice, salt and pepper, paprika for that extra kick, and when I get to work.. lashings of ketchup! yummy.

Never ever will I leave the house on time to catch the bus.. thank god my boss is nice..

and NEVER EVER will I forget to SMILE every single day,

take time to smile and enjoy the world around you.. even if your day has been terrible, even if you have no money or somebody to love.. there is always a reason to smile and be happy, find that reason, life is too short to be sad! 🙂

Have a smiley, crazy, hectic, fun day!



About amy baily

Hi! My names Amy and I'm a teenage girl living in England. I'm obsessed with american food and fashion Blogs, breakfast is my favvv meal of the day :), Loveeeeeeee xxxx
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